Descriptions:  Sealed Lithium Ion Battry Family

1. Li-Ion Battery

2. Li-Polymer Battery  * also named like soft bag battery.

3. LiFePO4 Batery

Professional Note: 

There are three types of Li-Ion cells/batteries on market based on chemistry of cathode materials. Please see the table below to see advantage and disadvantage of each type cell. Among of them,   Li-Ion cell mde from LiCoO2 (ICR) is very good at the highest energy density, the most popular cell, especially in the portbale digital device market. Both li-ion battery and li-polymer battery are made from LiCoO2.

LiFePO4  battery is very good saftey, deep cycles and high drain.  Nowdays is widly used in public vehicles, bus, car, golf cart and telecommunication station.  LiMnNiO4 (NCM or NMC)cell still are always being  developed everyear, which is  good economc cost-down to replace LiCoO2.



 Energy Density  Working Temp.  Cycles   Safety Environmental Friendly Cost Rate ( nWh of SLA)
LiFePO4 3.2V >120 wh/kg  -0-60 °C  >2000@1C 100% SOC

>4000@0.5C 100% SOC

>5000@0.2C 100% SOC

Yes Yes 0.15-0.25  
Lead acid 2.0V > 35wh/kg  -20 – 40°C >200 @0.2C 50% SOC Yes No 1
NiCd 1.2V > 40wh/kg  -20 – 50 °C >1000@0.2c 100% SOC Yes No 0.7
NiMH 1.2V  >80 wh/kg  -20 – 50 °C  >800@0.2C 100% SOC Yes Yes 1.2-1.4


3.6V >160 wh/kg  -20 – 40 °C  >600@1C 100% SOC

>800@0.5C 100% SOC

>1000@0.3C 100% SOC

No * Yes 1.5-2.0
LiCoO2 3.7V >200 wh/kg  -20 – 60 °C  > 800@1C 100% SOC

 > 1000@1C 100% SOC

  1200@0.3C 100% SOC

No  * Yes 2.0–3.0
  •  Rated Voltage, usually the middle-point-voltage during dishcarge cureve. LiFePO4  signle cell is seeing as 3.0V when used in battery pack, because the voltage is not quite stable being discharged.
  • *To ensure safety,  lithium ion battereis must be built in with BMS, PTC, NTC or other devices.
  • Li-Ion battery is dangerous if not protected well. Pls consult with engineers before designing / using Li-ion / Polymer cells and batteries.
  • Never use Li-Ion battery pack without BMS (Battery Management System). For Li-Ion battery pack with cell more than 4 cells, shall use PCM with balance function to get longer service life.
  • Please choose our smart chargers to recharge a Li-Ion battery pack

Li-Ion Cell and Battery

Li-Ion/Polymer Single Cells

Li-polymer cell and Battery

3.7V Polymer Li-Ion Single Cells

 LiFePO4 Cell and Battery

3.2V LiFePO4 Rechargeable Cells with UN38.3


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