Batteries sorted out by VOLTAGES

Tips: Voltage and current are the 2 key pints of cells and battereis.

In view of single cell, voltage  stands for a certain range of batteries, for example, 1.2V for NiMH and NiCd battery, 2.0V for lead acid battery, 3.0V for primary CR lithium battery, 3.2V for LiFePO4 battery, 3.6V for ER lithium battery, 3.7V for lithium ion battery, and 9V stands for a certain model.

In view of finished battery/pack, voltage is also very important. Cut-off voltages of charging and discharging are key points to ensure safety of batteries.





Batteries sorted out by the following voltages.  Pls click and check carefully.


  1. Battery of Voltages 1.2V—3.7V  

  2. Battery of Voltages 4.0V—14.8V

  3. Battery of Voltages 15.0V—37.0V

  4. Battery of Voltages 38.0V—45.0V

  5. Battery of Voltages  46.0V—75.0V

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