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Preface: There are too many types and modles of battery in market. It”s also a giant chllenge for professionals to tell good batteries from bad batteries.  It’s impossible for general end consumers to tell different between defective battereis and fine quality batteries.  That’s why we’ve been striving to do battery/BMS/charger biz for customers since 2005.   

 Win-Win is our biz principle! Give us a opportunity, we’re fully commedited to be a friend and partner!

Contents:  Simply speaking, we think there ware 3 main ways to sort batteries.

Option 1: Batteries sorted  out by CHEMICAL raw materials, especially in positive electrode(+).

Between positive electrode (+) and negative electrode)(-),  Li-Ion battery, stands for Li-Ion used as raw materials  in positive electrodem then Carbon is used for negative electrode.  Cause carbon is so popular in negative electrode of all batteries, therefore Carbon is omitted in descriptions usually.

Option 2: Batteries sorted out by Voltage gap between possitive electrode (+) and negative electrode (-).

In DC (direct current) power, electric current flows should run from electrode (-) to possitive electrode (+), in which electric power is caused and drive electric devices accordingly. Higher voltage, higher power output; Hihger current, higher power output. Voltage and Current is the key 2 points in battery.

Option 3: Batteries sorted our by Shapes

It’s the simplest way for beginner to sort batteries out.  You don’t need to know any technial data, just find batteries according to differnt shapes.  Simply speaking, battery of cylidrical shape is usually sealed, made of metal case/shell (iron or steel).  The shape here is of single cell, not for battery packs(batteries).

For example,  li-polymer usually as prismatic shape. LiFePO4 12V100Ah 100A battery with case, same shape like lead acid battery. We can regard the battery as prismatic battery simply as you wish, although single cell is cylindrical shape.  LiFePO4 3.2V 3300mAh, the cell is  called cylidrical shape.

Others: Battereis also may be sorted out by nature if the battery can be recharged. If so, called rechargeable cell/battery; otherwise the battery is called primary cell/battey.

Besides, there are still so many other ways, like higher energy type, high power type, high drain type, high temperature type, lower temperature type, deep cycle type and so on.

Conclusion:  If you’re professional at battery, it’s better you find, design and purchase batteries by chemical raw materials and voltage/current.

If you’re a beginner or end user, it’s strongly recommended that you choose battery accoring to application. It’s the easiest way to find and purchase battery really.

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