About Us

Who is HungSang?

HUNG SANG ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2009 and Shenzhen factory set up in 2013. We’re a group of professional engineers, designers, marketing and salesman engaged in tele-chemical materials, hardware/software, electric circuit solutions with ten-year-working background.

Battery, BMS and Charger is What we do. From beginning of NiCd/NiMH rechargeable battery and charger in 2009, HUNGSANG is now focusing on Li-Ion & LiFePO4 in consumer electronics and professional industrial applications, for examples, solar power energy storage systems and pedicab/golf cart/ low-speed vehicle and marine boats.

High stable performance is guaranteed by us, besides, competitive price and fine service also confirmed. Based on the unique technology developed by ourselves, each item is seen as best gift between customers and us. Let us know what you want, then we finish it as you wish.      

Win-Win is always our biz principle.   To be A Partner and A Friend.

bared 18650 single cell ex work


Welcome to HUNG SANG !