LiFePO4 24V85AH 100A 2040AWH Optional CAN Protocol Communication for Solar ESS Low Speed Vehicle Battery and UPS

Pls have a loot at the simple technical parameters.

Descriptions   Parameters
Rated Voltage 24V   *O.C.V 26.5V
Rated Capacity 85AH min. * 0.2C5/20A
Connection Way 8S1P( 8 Series then Parallel )
Operating Voltage Range (V) 20V-29.2V
Overcharge Cut-off Voltage (V) 3.65V+0.025V/Cell
Over-discharge Cut-off Voltage(V) 2.5V+0.025V/Cell
Constant Working Current(C ≤100 A max. * optional
Peak Current ≤600A(3s)max. *optional
Charging Current ≤50A *optional
Charging Temperature Range (°C) 0°C -45°C  @45-85%RH
Discharge Temperature Range (°C)  -20°C -55 °C @45—85%RH
Storage Temperature(°C)  -20°C -55 °C @45—85%RH
Battery Cycles ≥3 000 cycles @0.2C@25°C@80%DOD
Charge & Discharge Terminals Same Terminal *optional
Outer Casing  Metal Shell *optional
Connector recommended Anderson plug * optional
Dimension: LxWxH 420mm*202mm*178mm
Weight 25KG approx.
Other Capacity recommended 50/60/70/100/120AH optional
Programmable BMS Communication Protocol CAN *Optional RS485
Optional Capacity50/60/70/85/100/120/140/170/200/240AH avaliable on request
Applications Solar PV ESS, low speed light vehicle, like AGV, logistics truck, car shuttle car, intelligent sorting robot, mining exploitation, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, backup power system and so on.

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