LiFePO4 12V300AH 200A 3600WH for Solar PV Energy Storage System, Marine and Vehicle

Simple Technial Parameters

Descriptions   Parameters
Rated Voltage 12V   *OCV 12.8V
Rated Capacity 300AH min. * 0.2C5/20A
Connection Way 4S3P( 4 Series & 3 Parallel )
Operating Voltage Range (V) 10V-14.6V
Overcharge Cut-off Voltage (V) 3.65V+0.025V/Cell
Over-discharge Cut-off Voltage(V) 2.5V+0.025V/Cell
Constant Working Current(C ≤200A max. * optional
Peak Current ≤1000A(3s)max. *optional
Charging Current ≤50A *optional
Charging Temperature Range (°C) 0°C -45°C  @45-85%RH
Discharge Temperature Range (°C)  -20°C -55 °C @45—85%RH
Storage Temperature(°C)  -20°C -55 °C @45—85%RH
Battery Cycles ≥3 000 cycles @0.2C@25°C
Charge & Discharge Terminals Same Terminal  *optional
Outer Casing Sheet Metal Shell  *optional
Connector recommended Anderson plug * optional
Dimension: LxWxH 600mm*210mm*210mm
Weight 40KG approx.
Other Capacity recommended 240AH/350AH/480WH optional
Applications Solar PV ESS, low speed light vehicle, backup power system and so on.

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