LiFePO4 Battery for 48V100AH 100A 4800Wh Energy Storage System in case

LiFePO4 48V100AH 100A 4800WH for Solar Energy Storage System and Low Speed Light Vehicles


Descriptions Data
Rated Voltage 48V * 51.2V O.C.V
Rated Capacity  100AH min. * 0.2C5/20A
Connection Way 16S1P( 16 Series & 1 Parallel )
Operating Voltage Range (V) 40V-58.4V
Overcharge Cut-off Voltage (V) 3.65V+0.025V/Cell
Over-discharge Cut-off Voltage(V) 2.5V+0.025V/Cell
Continuous Working Electric Currents ≤100A max.  *optional
Peak  Current(Starting current) ≤700A(5s)max.
Charging Current ≤50A *optional
Charging Temperature Range (°C) 0-45°C/ 45-85%RH
Discharge Temperature Range (°C)  -20 -55 °C/45—85%RH
Storage Temperature(°C)  -20 -55 °C/45—85%RH
Battery Life  ≥3000 times @0.2C@25℃
Charging And Discharging Socket Independent ports *optional
Outer Casing Metal Shell (Baking Paint) * optional
Connector and plug Anderson recommended
Dimension: LxWxH 450mm*415mm*210mm
Weight 48 KG expected
Optional Capacity50/60/70/85/100/120/140/170/200/240AH avaliable on reqest
Applications Solar PV ESS battery,UPS, low speed vehicle

Remarks: The giant battery is LiFePO4, which is very good at cycle life. If you want higher power and smaller size and lighter weight, consult with us.

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