LiFePO4 LFP 12V85AH 150A CCA 800A 1020Wh for Car Starting Marin Starting Solar PV ESS Battery to replace Lead Acid

Start your vehicle with HUNG SANG LFP12V85AH 150A CCA 800A Automotive Battery. It is designed to work on a variety of different engines and produces 800 cold cranking amps when in use. This is a LiFePO4 battery to replace lead-acid car battery,which is easy to install and comes with a replacement warranty. It will provide electric power to your engine and get your car up and running in a quick and efficient manner. The LFP12V85AH 150A CCA800 battery has a top post design with easy-to-access positive and negative terminals. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for installation and compatibility information.

HUNGSANG LFP12V85AH150A to replace lead-acid car battery:

  • Top safety guaranteed by positive energy-cross balance by advanced BMS, which is world-class-performance in market.
  • Free lead-acid battery replacement as simple as you wish.
  • 3 years free replacement warranty
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 800A; Constant woring current on load: 150A
  • 5-times cycle life and working time then Lead-acid battery.
  • The battery is so small to match to ur car, weight is so light to carry.
  • HungSang LiFePO4 car battery that will provide electric power to your engine, higher outpower for electric applications inside car.


BrandHUNGSANG or Nature/OEM
Cold Crank Amp800
Contained Battery TypeLiFePO4 *LFP
Reserve Capacity1.1hours@constant current 70A; 2.2hrs@35A;5hrs@17A;10hrs@8.5A
Customer’s Part NumberCar battery starter
Assembled Product WeightN.W:9.6KG/21.0lb*G.W.12KG/ 26.5lb
Assembled Finished Dimensions (L x W x H)260x173x201mm * 10.2x 6.8x 7.9 Inches

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