NiMH Battery SC 1.2V 4500MAH 30A for Electric Power Tool

NiMH Rechargeable Cell: Sub-C 1.2V 4500 mAh Flat top – 30A Limited for Electric Power Tool

Rated Voltage  1.2V
Rated Capacity  4500mAh
Discharging current  30 Amp Max. constant current
 Internal Resistive   <=5 Mili Ohm
 Dimension (D x H)  23mm (0.91″) x 43mm (1.69″) with optional solderable tabs
 Weight  2.6 Oz (74 g)
 Cycle Performance  80% of initial capacity at 500 cycles at 0.2C rate
 Detail Data Sheet Specification for SC 1.2V 4500 mAh NiMh available on request.
 Advantages High drain current up to 30 Amps, perfect for various battery packs such as power tools, backup powers, RC toys, and electric guns and etc.
 Warranty 12 Months
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  • Excellent cells of environmental friendly, high power model. 
  • Excellent for power intensive devices like Radios, Boom Boxes, Remote Control Cars and much more.
  • Perfect for Portable or emergency power source for Medical , communication and power tools.


  • Never over-discharge battery or pack below 1V/cell
  • Always charge your battery after use immediately
  • Pls choose safety components, like fuse, polyswitch, NTC and PTC
 Note The highest capacity of NiMH sub C cell on the market, which has similar energy density as A123A 26500 Li-Ion cell, but lower cost

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