Li-Ion Battery 18650 14.8V7.8AH 112Wh 7A for Scuba Diving Light

Li-Ion  Battery 18650 14.8V7.8Ah 112Wh 7A  with Optional Plug for  Scuba Diving Light 

Items  Descriptions
  • Li-ion Battery: 14.4V 7.8Ah (112 wh) for Diving Light
  • Optional for 1 pc A Fire Retardant Bag: 295mmx230mmx75mm — Reduce the chance of damage if caught fire
    • This Fire Retardant Bag (Li-Ion Safer Bag) is intended to reduce the chance of damage in the event of catching fire.
    • Must locate & seal the battery pack in the bag  while charging / leaving without any attention
 Voltage Voltage: 14.4V (working)   16.8V ( peak)  11.0V ( cut-off)
 Capacity 7800 mAh min. (112 wh)
 Protection PCB (8.0A) & Polyswitch
 Pre-wired 6″  length 16 AWG wires without connector
 Max. Discharging Rate 7 Amp limited by 0.89C rate of the pack
 Dimensions 1.6″ L x 1.6″ W x  7.8″L
 Weight 1.0 lb 4 Oz  (570 grams)
 Smart Tips
  • You may DIY the battery pack with 13.2V regulator with switch(2A rate) for 13.2VDC 2.0A Max output
  • You may choose our  1.8A Universal Smart Li-Ion battery charger  to recharge this battery pack.  The estimated charging time is 6.5 hours
  • Need  a connector?  Pls contact us in advance.
  • Designed for running 12V Halogen or HID bike light with extra burning time up to 90W
  • Burn time for  13W / 12V  super bright HID or halogen light  is about  8 Hrs, or 26W dual beam HID light for 4 hrs
  • Can replace almost every bike lighting system on the market, such as Nite-Rider, Light & Motion, Turbo Cat, Night Sun, Marwi, BLT, Vista, Cygolite, Nite Hawk, or Performance View Point at better quality and much lower price.
  • Perfect fit with Light Monkey 2710 Canister (Model: LM2710canister)
  • Li-Ion battery may be exploded if misusing.  We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by misusing (included but not limited to: improperly charging/discharging, any changes of this battery pack, misassembling battery packs) .
  • Always charge battery with attention.  Battery pack shall be placed on a fire-proof place to avoid any accident
  • Please check battery polarity before plug battery into light. Never make wrong polarity connection.

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