Li-Ion Battery 18650 11V23AH 253Wh 9A for Scuba Diving Light

Li-Ion  Battery 18650 10.8V23.4Ah 253Wh 9A  with Optional Plug for  Scuba Diving Light / Lamp

  • Designed for running 30W HID or halogen lights with extra long time.  The burning time is about  8.5 hours at 30W
  • It can provide >20 hours burn time for 12W – 13W HID light
Packing        Li-Ion Battery: 10.8V 23.4Ah (253 Wh) with Anderson connector
Voltage        10.8V (working)   12.6V ( peak)  7.5 V ( cut-off)
Capacity        23.4Ah  or 253 wh
  • 1x 11.1V (10A PCM) installed
  • 1x 9A Polyswitch installed
Wired        Charging/Discharging Terminals: 6″ 14AWG wires with Anderson connector
Max. Discharging Rate        9 Amp limited by polyswitch
Dimensions(LxWxH)        206mm(8.1″) L x 57mm(2.2″) W x 62mm(2.4″)H
Weight        1270 grams (2.0 lbs 12.6Oz)
  • Never discharge the battery pack beyond Max. limit.
  • Never cause battery short circuit anywhere any time.

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