Li-Ion Battery 18650 11V20AH 217WH 21A for Scuba Diving Light

Li-Ion  Battery 18650 10.8V20.1Ah 217Wh 21A  with Optional Plug for  Scuba Diving Light / Lamp

Battery 10.8V, 20.1Ah Li-Ion battery pack made by 18650 3350mAh in 3S6P Configuration
Voltage Nominal: 10.8V; Charge Cut Off: 12.6V; Discharge Cut Off:  7.5V
Capacity 20.1Ah
  • 3 x 7A PCB
  • 3 x 7A Polyswitch
Terminal 14″AWG, 5″, Anderson connector
Charge Current ≤10Amp
Max. Discharge Current 21Amp
Dimensions (LxWxH) 206mm (8.1″) x 53mm (2.1″) x 50mm (2.0″)
Weight 2 lbs
Temperature Charge: 0 to 45°C
Discharge: -20 to 60°C
Storage: -20 to 50°C
Charger Option You may choose our  1.8A Universal Smart Li-Ion battery charger (CU-CU-108). The estimated charging time is 13.6 hours
  • Can replace any 12V NiMH battery pack and 10.8-11.1V Li-Ion battery pack for HID diving light and bike lights. Can fit into Light Monkey 2710 Canister
  • Please keep your old  lighting connector. You may need to link our wire to a special connector to make your lighting work properly in case our connectors cannot fit your light.
  • Never discharge the battery pack beyond Max. limit.
  • Never cause battery short circuit anywhere any time.

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