Li-Ion Battery 18650 11V15.6Ah 168Wh 9A for Dive Light

Li-Ion  Battery 18650 10.8V15.6Ah 168Wh 9A  with Optional Plug for  Diving Light / Lamp 


 Item  Parameters
Battery 10.8V, 15.6Ah Li-Ion battery pack
Voltage Max. Voltage:  12.6V; Working voltage: 10.8V; Cut-off voltage : 9.0V
Capacity 15.6 Ah   (168 wh)
  • Protection: 3 x  4A PCB
  •  3 x 3A Polyswitch
Terminal Anderson connector
Max. Discharging Rate 9.0Amp
Dimensions (LxWxH) 206mm (8.1″) x 55mm (2.2″) x 48mm (1.9″)
Weight 870g (14.8 Oz)
Charger Option You may choose our  1.5A Universal Smart Li-Ion battery charger + must build your own adapter (barrel to Anderson) to recharge this battery pack.  The estimated charging time is 9.6 hours
  • Can replace any 12V NiMH battery pack and 10.8-11.1V Li-Ion battery pack for HID diving light and bike lights. Can fit into Light Monkey 2710 Canister
  • Please keep your old  lighting connector. You may need to link our wire to a special connector to make your lighting work properly in case our connectors cannot fit your light.
  • The burning time for 10W HID light is about  15 hrs
  • Never discharge the battery pack beyond Max. limit.
  • Never cause shor-circuit any time anywhere.

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