Li-Ion Battery 12V&13.2V 77WH 4A for Bike Light

Li-Ion 18650 Battery Optional 12V & 13.2V 5.2Ah 77Wh 4A  with  Optional Plug for Bike Light/Lamp


Applications This pack is done for Bike Light
  • 14.8V 5.2Ah battery pack is build by 8 pcs Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2600mAh cells
  • Voltage: 12V or 13.2V selectable
  • The smart battery pack is built with soft-start switch . This battery can replace most of rechargeable batteries for Bike Lights, HID or Halogen light up to 20w
    • For brighter light , please choose 13.2V
    • For Energy saving, please choose 12V
  • Splash-Proof cover power switch
  • Blue LED indicates power on
  • Build in Low battery alert function. If battery voltage drops below 11V, a tone sounds for 10 seconds to remind you to recharge the battery.
Voltage     12V or 13.2V selectable
Capacity      5.2Ah / 77 Watts
  • One PCB(8A limited) is installed on the  battery pack to protect the battery from Overcharge / Over discharge / Over drain / Short circuits
  • One 7 Amp polyswitch  installed
  • One 12V/13.2V DC-DC (4A Max) regulator
Max. Discharging Rate       4A limited by regulator
Terminal Options
  • Option 1: BL-4PL896474-FP
    • Discharge terminal: 2.5′ long Trailtech female plug
    • Charging terminal: 8″ long Universal Two Pins Female connector
  • Option 2: BL-4PL896474-FP + Charger (CH-L14815)
  • Option 3: BL-4PL896474-FP-V2
    • Discharge terminal: 2.5′ long Cigarette lighter socket
    • Charging terminal: 8″ long Universal Two Pins Female connector
  • Option 4: BL-4PL896474-FP-V2 + Charger (CH-L14815)
Dimension (LxWxH)      Battery: 5″(127mm) L  x 3.1″(80mm) W x 1.7″(43mm) H
Weight      Battery: 1.0 lb 7.84 Oz  (678 grams)
Charger options
  • Please order 1.5A Smart Li-Ion battery charger for battery pack, charging time  around 4 hours.
  • If you need a Water-proof Coaxis Lockable Trailtech male plug , please click underlined to order (Not included in this package).
How to select battery pack voltage?
  • Power switch in the center position is power off
  • Power switch to the right, output is 13.2V
  • Power switch to left,  output is 12V
  • Battery pack can be charged when power switch is in any position

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