Polymer Battery 11.1V20AH 222WH 14A for Bike Light

Li-Polymer Battery 11.1V 20Ah  222Wh 14 A limited battery pack built in case for Bike Light / Lamp and Charger 


Applications This battery is done for Bike Light
  • 11.1V 20Ah Polymer Li-Ion battery pack is made 6 pcs of Polymer Li-Ion cell of 3.7V 10Ah batteries (PL-9059156-1C)in 3 series 2 parallel connection
  • The battery pack is placed in Plastic Enclosure(10-22)
Voltage        Voltage: 11.1V (working)   12.6V ( peak)  7.5V ( cut-off)
Capacity        20.0Ah (222 wh)
  • Two PCM (10A limited each) is installed with the battery pack to protect battery from
    • Overcharging beyond 4.25V/cell
    • Over-discharge below 2.85V/cell
    • Over drain        ( >20 Amp)
    • Must wait min of 30 minutes after battery is fully charged to allow the pcm to perform balance function on all the cells within the pack.
  • Two 7 Amp polyswitches  installed to limit  max. discharging current at 14A and to protect wrong polarity
Prewired 4′ long 16 AWG wire with Car light socket is installed in the pack

  • If you need male car lighter plug,  please tell us kindly.
Max. Discharging Rate       14 Amp limited by two polyswitches
Dimension (LxWxH)       200 (7.9″) x 120 (4.7″) x 75 (3.0″)
Weight       3.0lbs 10.0 Oz (1650grams)
Smart Charger
  • One11.1V (1.5A) Smart Li-Ion battery charger with car lighter socket  is included.
  • The charging time is about 20 hours.
Smart Tips You can recharge the battery pack during driving if you order  DC-AC inverter 
  • Designed as rechargeable battery pack for solar panel > 15 W.  See below to see how to connect battery pack to solar panel

  • Combined with smart power inverter with DC &AC sockets, the battery pack can run all devices at 110V AC, ( such as Laptop and portable TV) and 5V USB  ( MP3, Video game and PDA) , see the picture below to see output

  • Li-Ion battery may be exploded if misusing. We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by miss-using (included but not limited to: miss-charging, miss-discharging, any changes of this battery pack, miss-assembling battery packs) .
  • Always charge battery with attention.  Battery pack shall be placed on a fire-proof place to avoid any accident
  • Please check battery polarity before plug battery into light. Never make wrong polarity connection.

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