Li-Ion Battery 18650 11V15.6AH 168WH 9A for bike Light

Li-Ion 18650 Battery 10.8V15.6Ah 168Wh 9A  with Optional Puge for Bike Light/Lamp


Applications This pack is done for Bike Light /Lamp
  • 10.8V 15.6Ah Li-Ion battery pack is made of 18 pcs of High quality  Li-2600mAh  18650 Cells.,  3S6P (6×3)
  • Wrapped by heavy duty Heat shrink tube
Voltage 10.8V (working)   13.05V ( peak)  7.2 V ( cut-off)
Capacity 15.6Ah  or  168 wh
  • 1x 10.8V 10A PCM
  • 1x 9A polyswitch
Wire 4ft Long Coil Trail-Tech Female Connector
Max. Discharging Rate 9Amp limited by polyswitch
Dimensions 168mm(6.6″) x 134mm(5.2″) x27mm(1.0″)
Weight 980 gras (2.16lbs)
Related Products You may choose our  1.8A Smart Li-Ion battery charger  to charge  battery pack throught AC Power.  The estimated charging time is 13 hours

Mating connector : Trail-Tech Male Plug

  • Never make wrong polarity connection, which will damage PCB and battery. Always check polarity connection before using the battery pack

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