Li-Ion Battery 18650 11V15AH 168Wh 12A for Bike Light

Li-Ion 18650 Battery 11V15.6Ah 168Wh 12A  with Optional Puge for Bike Light/Lamp


Descriptions This pack is done for Bike Light / Lamp
  • 10.8V 15.6Ah Li-Ion battery pack is made of 18 pcs High quality  2600mAh  18650 Li-Ion cells, 3S6P (6×3)
  • Wrapped by heavy-duty Heat shrink tube
Voltage        Voltage: 10.8V (working)   12.6V ( peak)  7.5 V ( cut-off)
Capacity        15.6Ah  or  168 Wh
  • Three PCB (4A limited)installed with the  battery pack and protects the battery from
    • Overcharge       (>12.6V)
    • Over-discharge  ( < 7.5 V)
    • Over drain ( > 4 Amp)
    • Short circuits
  • Three 4.2 Amp polyswitch installed to limit  max. discharging current to 12.6Amp
  • 4′ long  Trail-Tech Coaxial Female Plug for charge/discharge terminal
  • Excluded Trial-Tech Coaxial Male plug, please click here to buy separately.
  • It is used for connect to the light by yourself if the light connector won’t match our Trail-Tech female plug battery.
Max. Discharging Rate        12.6 Amp limited by 4.2 Amp polyswitch
Dimensions        LxWxH 117mm(4.6″) x 59mm(2.3″) x 75mm(3.0″)
Weight        2.0 Lbs 3.2 Oz  (998 grams)
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  • You may choose our1.5A (Trail-Tech Male plug) Smart Li-Ion battery charger to recharge this battery pack.
  • The estimated charging time is 12 hours
  • Must charge the pack for only one charge/discharge Terminal (Trail-Tech female plug) pack
  • Must not charge via discharge terminal for the pack with seperate charge terminal (two pin universal plug), discharge terminal (Trail-Tech female plug)
  • You can connect this battery to our DC-DC inverter, and get output 9V-12V (DC/Dc 12V)  or  15V-24V (DC/DC 24V)
  • Optional for Fire Retardant Bag: 295mmx230mmx75mm — Reduce the chance of damage if caught fire
  • Please note this battery is for R&D use only and NOT for individual customers. We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by misusing (included but not limited to: miss-charging, miss-discharging, any changes of this battery pack, miss-assembling battery packs)
  • Never make wrong polarity connection, which will damage PCB and battery. Always check polarity connection before using the battery pack

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