Polymer Battery 7.4V25AH 186Wh 14A for Bike Light

Li-Polymer Battery: 7.4V 25.2Ah (186 Wh 14A limited) with Trail-Tech plug for Bike Light/Lamp


Applications This pack is done for Bike Light / Lamp
  • 7.4V 25.2Ah polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery made of 4 pcs  Li-Polymer
  • cell of 3.7V 12.6Ah  in 2S2P configuration.
  • Battery pack is placed in Plastic Enclosure (10-22)
Voltage Voltage: 7.4V (working) 8.4V ( peak) 5V ( cut-off)
Capacity 25.2Ah (186.48Wh)
  • One PCM (20A) installed with the  battery pack and protects the battery from
    • Overcharge       (>8.4V)
    • Overdischarge  ( < 5.0 V)
    • Over drain ( >20 Amp)
    • Short circuits
  • Two 7 Amp polyswitch is installed to limit  max. discharging current at 14A and to protect wrong polarity
  • 4′ length 16 AWG cable with Trail-Tech coaxis plug (female) is installed in the pack.
  • Included one 4′ coil cord with Trail-Tech coaxis plug (male)  is included for connecting battery to your device easy
Max. Discharging Rate 14Amp limited by two polyswitches
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 (7.9″) x 120 (4.7″) x 75 (3.0″)
Weight 3.5lb(1600grams)
Smart Tips
  • You shall choose Smart Charger (1.2A) for 7.4V Li-ion/Polymer Rechargeable Battery Pack to recharge this battery pack.
  • The estimated charging time is 31.5 hours
  • For international use. Please order the AC plug adaptor separately.
  • Specially designed for replacing battery of Lupine HID bike lights, and 6V NiMH battery pack for halogen light
    • Note: some 6V halogen light bulb might burn as they cannot handle more than 6V input
  • Can replace most 6V NiMh or 7.4V Li-Ion Pack. Please note using a 7.4V battery to light a 6V bulb might short the life span of the bulb.
  • You can order our 6V bulb here
  • Burn time= 186.48Wh / Device’s Wattage
  • Li-Ion battery may be exploded if misusing. We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by misusing.
  • Please check battery polarity before plug battery into light. Never make wrong polarity connection.

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