Charger 14.6V 3A 44W for LiFePO4 Battery 12.8V

Smart Charger DC 14.6V 3A  44W  for LiFePO4 Battery Pack 12.8V 4S with Optional Connectors


  • This Smart Charger is designed for rapidly charge 12.8V(4 Series Connection) LiFePO4 battery with capacity > 3Ah.
  • It features a three stages charging mode ( Constant Current, Constant Voltage , Trickle charge mode) without overcharge the battery
  • Internal Resettable fuse” is installed inside a charger
Input 90 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Max current 1.5A
Output 14.5V+/-0.20VDC 3.0A
Charging State
Active State Model Output current Output voltage Bi-color LED
1.Fast Charge CC mode 3.0A 14.5V+/-0.20V Red
2.Continue Charge CV mode 3.0A or below 14.5V+/-0.20V Red
3.Stand-by charge <0.6A about 14.5V+/-0.20V Green
LED Indicator
  • Solid Red LED = Charging (0-99%)
  • Solid Green LED = Fully charged (100%)
Dimension(LxWxH) 118mm(4.6″) x 64mm(2.5″) x 40mm(1.6″)
Weight 320grams ( 11.2 Oz)
Certification FCC / CE, Recognized or tested by one of NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory) , for more information, please contact us
Warning No Reverse Polarity Protection

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