ESS 48V 63AH 3KWH Golf Car Battery

LiFePO4 Battery System 48V 64Ah 3KWh  for Golf Car

Series Features:

  • 4803C and 4803E are integrated golf car battery systems with a 48V 3KWh LiFePO4 battery pack. The battery configuration is a 16s1p 60Ah pack. It is typically programmed with 80%DOD, or 2.4KWh usable storage capacity.
  • 4803C fits in Club Car golf car and 4803E system fits in EZ-GO golf car
  • Fully integrated, Plug-N-Play, 2000 cycles
  • Net Weight: 95LB  *43kg
  • Includes:
    • Built-in BMS control
    • Built-in 15A charger
    • On/Off switch
    • State-of-charge (SOC) gauge
    • DC main power connector
    • AC power input socket
    • Video output port for diagnostics.
  • Options (not support in current version):
    • WiFi connectivity
    • Smartphone App
    • Fleet view display
    • Cloud data access
  • Limited warranty: 5 Years

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