PCM-S4A10 14.8V 10A Fuel Gauge

Protection Circuit Module (PCM) for Li-Ion/Li-polymer Battery Pack  4 Series Connection 14.8V 10A limited with Fuel Gauge Socket

Protection Circuit Module Specifications  For 14.8V Li-ion/Li-Po Battery  Pack
Model:PCM-S4A7-GS  14.8V 10A
Over-charge protection voltage 17.350 ± 0.025V
Over-discharge protection voltage 2.40 ± 0.080V
Over-current protection 7.5~10.5A
Maximal continuous Discharging current 10A
Maximal Current consumption 50uA
Short circuit protection Automatic Recovery
Protection  circuitry  resistance (B+ TO P+) ≤50mΩ
Dimension *Length x Width x Thickness 100mm x16mm x 4.0mm (3.94″x0.63″x0.16″)
Weight 2.8 g (0.1Oz)


  • The PCM is specially designed for Li-Ion/Li-polymer 4S 14.8V with 10A discharging rate.
  • In case of high constant current more than 10A,  it’s strongly recommended that additional protection components to ensure safety, for example, polyswitch, NTC, fuse,etc.
  • The safety PCM is specially designed for professionals. Mis-understanding and abuse use may cause battery damaged or overheated, even exploded.

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