LiFePO4 Battery 12V100Ah 100A 1200Wh to replace Lead-Acid Battery for Renewable Energy Solar Photovoltaic System Energy Storage System

LiFePO4  Battery LFP 12V100AH 100A 1200Wh to replace Leadd-Acid Battery used as ESS Renewable Energy Solar Photovoltaic Syste

Target MarketRenewable Energy Systems Solar Photovoltaic Energy Wind Energy System Hydroenergy SystemE.S.S
Rated Voltage Rated Voltage: 12.0V.
Charge Voltage: 14.40±0.25V *cut-off of highest v.
Discharge Voltage: 2.5V±0.1V *cut-off of lowest v.
Positive Balance BMS energy-cross
Capacity min. Typical: 105Ah; Minimum: 100Ah *0.2Coptional
Current of Charge Standard: 20A*0.2C recommended
Fast: 50A*0.5C avaliable
Better Recycle Life
Time of chargeStandard: 5-7 hrs @ 20A, 0.2C
Fast: 2-3 hrs @50A, 0.5C
Internal Resistance <20mΩ; AC Impedance 1KHz * lower resistance avaliable on request for higher output power.
Weight 24 LB (11Kg) optional
Temperature Charge: 0 °C to 45°C
Discharge: -25 °C to 55°C * optional
Storage: long time storage avaliabel at 25 °C limited.
Wider range avaliable
Charger Recommended HUNGSANG LFP Charger 14.6V 20A 300W Charger recommended. Contact us for more informationsSolar Controller avaliable to charge
Dimensions *LxWxH PlasticCase: 9.6″x6.8″ x7.5″ (244mm x 175mm x 190mm) *optional. fault color:black
Connector /TerminalsRound poles made of brass.1000A max.
Notes: 1.FREE connections as you wish. The battery can be used in series and parallel freely when total voltage less than 100V, like lead-acid battery.
2. Solar photovoltaic power system controller charge battery as easy as you wish. Consult with us for technial assistance.
3. UN38.3 available on request MOQ 50pcs
100A constant current, optional higher 150A/170A/200A/300A avaliable on request. Contact us for more informations
Programmable communication channel CAN or 485 protocl avaliable on request. 7″ LCD touch screen dashboard avaliable in stock.
LiFePO4 12V100AH 100A 1200WH battery built in case for Energy Storage System

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