LiFePO4 Battery 12V15AH 180WH 30A ESS

LiFePO4 Battery LFP26650 12V 15Ah (180Wh, 30A rate) with LED to Replace SLA 12V 12Ah, lighter weight & Higher Capacity

Applicationms Renewable Energy Storage Systems, like Solar Power,Wind Energy Souce
  • 12.8 V (working)   15.2 V (peak)  9.6 V ( cut-off)
  • Nominal: 12V
Capacity       15Ah
Cycle life       > 1000 cycles ( @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard) Running 5 times more than SLA battery
  • 1x PCB installed with the battery pack and protects the battery from
    • Overcharge       (>15.6V)
    • Over discharge  ( <8.8 V)
    • Over drain ( >80 Amp)
    • Short circuits
Terminal       T1
Charging rate       7.5A  Max
Max. Discharging Rate       30A Max  (2.0C rate)
Dimensions(LxWxH)       151mm (5.9″) X 98mm (3.4″) x 94mm (3.7″)
Weight       1840grams (4.0lbs 0.8Oz) –  53.30 % less weigh than 12V 12Ah Lead acid battery
  • Do not use in series or in parallel
  • Must use LiFePO4 charging circuit. Do not use Lead Acid charger to charge this battery.


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