Triangle Li-Ion Battery 52V20AH 1040WH for e-bike

Li-Ion Battery 52V16AH-20AH for e-bike Triangle match to  1000W-1500W Motors

Simple Specification
Nominal Capacity(AH): 16AH/20AH  *optional
Nominal voltage(V): 51.8V
Battery internal resistance(mΩ ): 105/cell
Combination: 7×14/9×14
End-off voltage(V): 38.5V
Charging cut-off voltage(V): 58.8
Rated charging current Amperage of BMS (A): 10
Maximum Instantaneous discharging current Amperage of BMS (A): 80
Maximum continuous discharging current Amperage of BMS(A): 40
Battery Cell: Li-Ion 18650 2200MAH  Cell   *optional, 2500/3000/3200mAh
3C discharge, Max discharging Current Amperage(A): 8
Charging and discharging time: more than 800 times
Charging Type(CC-CV): cc/cv
Cut-off charging voltage(V): 58.8
Charge temperature range ssd: 0-50℃
Discharge temperature range: -20–50℃

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