Li-Ion Battery 37V5.5Ah 208Wh 10A

Li-Ion Battery: 37V 5.8Ah (208Wh, 10A rate, NCR18650) for Hover board Scooters

Application    Hover Board Battery with PCM built in.
  • Highest capacity on the market
  • Build by Panasonic cells, much safer than battery packs build by Chinese cells
  • Lightweight and Energy efficient
  • The 36 volt 5.8Ah lithium battery pack for self balancing Hover board scooters offers the energy efficiency of lightweight lithium technology to keep your Hoverboard running.
  • 36V 5.8Ah pack is made by 20 pcs *Panasonic 3.6V NCR18650PF cells.
  • One 15A PCM is installed to protect battery from over-charged, over-discharged and short protection.
Voltage 36V
Capacity 5.8Ah (208.8Wh)
  • Can work with Ameritoy, Coolreall, eRover, ElecForU, ForTech, Fotowelt, HOCN,HoverBoost, Hoverboard, iitee, Jetson, Leray, Likary, MonoRover R2, Outtop, Packgout, RioRand, Skque, Swagway, TG, TG-Q3, Wallygadgets
  • Charging/Discharging terminal: 6.5″ 16AWG with XT60 female plug
Max Discharging Rate 10 Amp Limited
Dimensions (LxWxH) 131mm(5.2″) x 86mm(3.4″) x 60mm(2.4″)
  • Please buy certified Hooverboard
  • We are not reponsible for any accident or loss due to product design or misuse.


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