Lithium Battery for Cleaner 22V 2200MAH

Lithium Battery for Cleaner made of Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2200mAh 1P6S


Items Specification
Model ZL-8258806 21.6V 2150mAh 46.44Wh (V8258-S0601 ICR186501P6S220B583D1)
P/N 05-011288-11
Battery Case Configuration NA
Outer Dimension 135*40*45mm
Nominal Capacity 2150mAh
Nominal Voltage 21.6V
Cell Type Samsung ICR18650-22P or Samsung ICR18650-22P M
Pack Configuration 1P6S
Pack Dimensions 134*39*44mm
Pack Weight About:350g
Resistance <230mΩ
Standard Charge Constant Current 500mA Constant Voltage 26.5V 20mA Cut-off((23±2℃)
Maximum Charge Current 500mA
Standard Discharge Constant Current 1075mA end Voltage 18.6V(23±2℃)
Maximum Discharge Current 10A
Maximum Discharge Pulse Current 10A 3s
Charge Connector Type SM-2P Connector
Fuse Type NA
Fuse Location NA
LED Display Voltage display
Cycle Life 300times 80%
Communication Protocol NA
Operating Temperature Discharge:-20-60℃;Charge:0-45℃;
Storage Temperature -20-30℃;

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