LFP18650 3.2V 3000MAH

Custom LiFePO4 18650 Battery: 3.2V (9.6Wh/7.0Wh, 4A rate, 2E/E)*

HUNGSANG brand, customized logo and nature all available on request.


Application This pack is widely used in solar LED lamp,light
  • Made of 2 pcs LiFePo4 cylindrical 18650 cells in 2P “stick” configuration
    • Option 1: LFP-18650-1500 1500mAh cell
  • Wrapped by thin white PVC
  • Protection: 4A PCB located 0.5″ from top of battery pack
Voltage 3.2 V (working)   3.8 V (peak)  2.5 V ( cut-off)
  • LFP-18650-1500 is 3000 mAh (9.6Wh)
  •  Charging/Discharging Terminals: 12″ open end wires
    • Option 1: 22AWG
Protection 1x 4A PCB located 0.5″ from top of battery pack
Cycle Life >1000 (80% Capacity@ 0.2C rate, IEC standard)
Charging rate 0.5 A ( recommended ),  1.5 A max.
Max. Discharging Rate 4 Amp limited by PCB
Dimensions(H x D) Height 5.35″ (136mm) x Diameter 0.91″ (23mm)
Weight 3.9oz (110grams)

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