NiCd D 1.2V 5000MAH High Temperature

High Temperature NiCd Rechargeable Cell: 1.2V 4500 mAh D size – Flat Top


Remarks  High temperature D size 5000mAh NiCd rechargeable flat top battery.
  • Ideal for emergency lighting battery pack or any high power device which needs a reliable DC Portable Power.
  • Excellent cells to build a battery pack. For more information, consult with us.
Nominal Voltage  1.2V
Capacity  4000mAh—-5000mAh   *optional
Dimension (D x H)  33mm (1.3″) x 60mm (2.36″)
Weight  4.65 oz. (132 grams)
Charger  Please use NiCd smart charger to charge.
Optional   connector , PVC shrink wrap and imprinted code shown on battery.
High Temperature   70C still reliable performance.   

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