CR2450 3.0V 600mAh

Button Cell:  3.0V CR-2450 Lithium Batteries (Non-Rechargeable) – Panasonic Maxell Misubish

Original brand and replacement availiable on request.


  • Non-rechargeable cells
  • The new, high energy density design makes them light-weight, very compact and powerful
  • The electrolyte used in the lithium batteries is a unique non-aqueous electrolyte which safeguards non-leakage. Therefore our batteries are perfect for memory back-up applications where long-term reliability is required.
  • The positive material is made of manganese dioxide which is chemically very stable and so the battery has a long service life. The low annual discharge rate of 2% or less facilitates a longer storing period
Nominal Voltage 3.0V
Nominal Capacity 600mAh
Standard Charge Current 0.2mA
Continuous Current (Max) 2mA
Pulse Current (Max) 30mA
Temperature -20ºC (-4ºF) to +60ºC (140ºF)
Dimensions(DxH) 24mm(0.9″) x 5.0mm(0.2″)

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