LIR2450 3.6V 120MAH Rechargeable

Li-Ion Rechargeable 2450 Button Cells: LIR2450, 3.6V 120 mAh (24d x 5t mm, 0.43Wh)


odel# LIR2450
Tab Options
  • LIR2450: No tabs
  • LIR2450-V1: 18x4mm tabs
  • LIR2450-V2: Add nickel soldering tab part number TB-AAS.
    • Add tab P/N TB-AAS
Voltage Nominal: 3.6V; Charge Cut off: 4.2V; End of Discharge: 2.75V
Nominal Capacity 110mAh
Charge Current Standard: 55mA
Maximum Continous Charge: 165mA/1.5C
Discharge Current Maximum Continous Discharge: 220mA/2C
Temperature Charge:0~45℃;
Storage for < 1 month:-20~45℃;
Storage for ≥ 6 months: -20~35℃
Weight 5.6 g
Cycle Life 500 Times @ 80% capacity under normal condition and correct operation
Protection Short circuit protection during shipment: Come with yellow plastic insulator located between positive / negative polarity.
Dimensions(DxH) 24.5±0.3mm (0.97″) x 5.0±0.2mm (0.20″)

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