A123 LFP 26650 3.2V 2500MAH

A123 LiFePO4 26650 Rechargeable Cell: 3.3V 2500 mAh, 50A Rate, 8.25Wh, ANR26650M1B

Oringal brand and replcement availiable on request.


Model # ANR 26650 M1B
Nominal Voltage 3.25V +/- 0.05V Nominal, 3.2V Average
Nominal Capacity 2500 mAh (at 0.2C rate, 3.65 +/-0.05V cut-off)
Energy Density 108.10Wh/kg
Charging current
  • Standard Charging: 2.5A, 1.0C rate
  • Maximum Charging: 10.0A, 4.0C rate
Discharging current
  • Maximum Continuous Discharging  :50A, 20C rate
  • Maximum Impulse Discharging (< 10 sec): 120A, 48.0C rate
Temperature Range
  • Charge and Discharge: -30°C to 55°C
  • Storage:  -40 oC to 60 oC
Cycle Performance >1000 (100% of initial capacity at 20A discharge)
Dimensions(DxH) 26mm(1.0″) x 65.15 mm(2.6″)
Weight 2.9Oz (76 grams)
Tab Option The tab  can support surge discharge at 100A
Certification UL#MH45042

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