NiMH C 2.4V 35000mAh razor shavor battery

NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack 2.4V 35Ah for consumer application.



Packing  NiMH battery 2.4V 35Ah Made by 14 pcs C 5000mAH NiMH batteries.(2S7Pconfiguration).
Application  OEM NiMH battery for cordless razor shaver
Pre-wired  24AWG and 3″ long open end wire.
Dimension (D x H)  80mm(3.1″) x 115mm(4.5″)
Weight  2.0 lbs 10.8 Oz (1210 grams)
Notes  Although PCM/BMS is not required by NiMH battery, safety switch, NTC, PTC is strongly recommended for customers.

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