Li-polymer cell 8570170P 3.7V 12000mah

Polymer Li-Ion Cell: 3.7V 12.6 Ah (8570170-2C, 46Wh, 25A rate)


Chemistry Li-polymer 8570170P cell 3.7V
Capacity Nominal:  12600mAh    * 48Wh min.  Internal Resistance:  14 m-ohm
Cycle life > 300 times@1C; 600 times@0.5C; 1000 times@0.2C
Charging Rate 12.0A Max. (1.0C rate); 6.0A (0.5C) recommended
Discharging Rate 25 A Max. (25C rate); constant current
Dimension (LxWxH) 170mm(6.67″) x72mm(2.83″) x 9.2mm(0.36″)   *tolerance +/- 1 mm
Weight 8.4Oz (240g)
Temperature Charge 0~40℃  Discharge -20℃~+65℃;Storage 25℃
Waring It’s a bared single cell. Safety PCM(BMS) must be used to ensure safety.
Mail Applications: Higher discharge rate for more powerful devices. RC (Remote Control) toys, like helicopter/drone and racing car/boat, Military power, Aviation model, Electric power tools, etc.
Others: UN38.3 is available for order quantity 3K; It’s also available for small order, small shipment can be shipped by air certainly. For more shipping information, contact us kindly.

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