Li-polymer Battery 651628 3.7V 210mAh

Polymer Li-Ion Cell:3.7V 210mAh

(651628-2C, 0.77Wh, 0.42A rate, safety PCM built-in)


  • Made of 1pcs Li-polymer Cell 3.7V 210mAh (LP651628)
  • No Shrink Wrap
Voltage       3.7 V (working) 4.2 V (peak) 2.5V ( cut-off)
Capacity       210 mAh
Prewired        CU-JAS198/PL651628WR: Charge/Discharge Terminals: 2″ 28AWG open end wires
       CU-JAS198/PL651628-JST: Charge/Discharge Terminals: 2″ wire with JST-PH-2P+ Connector
Protection       1x PCB installed for protection
Cycle life       > 1000 cycles (80% of initial capacity @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)
Charge Current       210mA (1C) max
Discharge Current       420mA (2C) max
Dimensions(LxWxH)       29mm(1.1″) x 16mm(0.6″)x 6.5mm(0.2″)
Weight       0.2 oz. (4.0g)

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